Leaving the EU is not a risk, it is an opportunity

Prime Minister Theresa May


A new survey shows that a majority of savers expect the value of their investments to go up following Brexit.

Investors have sought to demonstrate their belief in Britain since we voted Brexit Such optimism regarding the economic prospects of our nation is well founded. Ever since we voted to leave the EU investors, business owners and foreign ministers alike have sought to demonstrate their belief in Britain. The meltdown predicted by George Osborne and other Remain campaigners has simply not materialised. And we are yet to feel the most significant benefits of cutting ties with Brussels.

Moreover, as encouraging as it is to witness international enthusiasm for trade deals none of them can come into force until we have formally left. The future is bright and yet there are still politicians and analysts who view Brexit as a risk. In reality it is a tremendous opportunity to build a globally connected, prosperous economy. The British people understood this when they went to the ballot box in June and this new poll proves that they still believe in a positive vision of an independent Britain. What we need now is for ministers and business leaders to demonstrate the same spirit of optimism.

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