How parents should fix dinner and bedtime for children who don’t like both

By Dianne Franc/ Parent Herald

Parenting is a tough job, especially when it involves making sure your children eat dinner at and putting them to sleep at night at a time that is most appropriate for them. This is most of the time a struggle that parents face, as soon as their child starts graduating from being a toddler. Dinner and bedtime are two of the most important things for a growing child, which unfortunately are neglected by some parents.

A child’s bedtime is crucial because their health depends on it and their development. If they don’t get enough sleep, then not only would their physical body could be jeopardized, but even their mental and emotional state are affected. In an article published by The Huffington Post, putting your child to bed at night must be your priority. If this is not taken care of, their life in the future would also be affected.

Time for bed alone and parenting style

A child’s reaction to a parent’s rule like creating them a bedtime timeframe would depend on the parenting style applied. Some parents think that being harsh to their child would work, but the truth is that it would only make the problem worst. There are also some that would use their child’s bedtime to bond with them. It is not the best time to ask them about their day because it is only going to affect their mood and behaviour when they wake up if they ended up staying up late just because you had a discussion with them. Your kids won’t probably even open up if they are too tired from school or play, so there is really no point.

Let them sleep without dinner

Children could be difficult to deal with when it comes to feeding them dinner. But according to experts, parents should allow their child not to have dinner if they continue to pull some tantrums that could be hard to bare. backed it up saying that your kids won’t starve anyway if they do that. In fact, they will get up or find a way to eat once they felt the need to eat.

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