Shahid Kapoor confirms his baby girl’s name is Misha

By Snehal Rajani –Bollywood Life

Ever since Shahid Kapoor and Mira welcomed their baby girl, fans have been going crazy by coming up with various names for the baby. Almost everyone had suggested the name Misha because it has Mira’s ‘Mi’ and Shahid’s ‘Sha’ in it. And guess what? That’s what they have decided to call the baby girl! Putting an end to all the speculations, Shahid Kapoor himself confirmed that they have named their baby girl as Misha! He took to Twitter to make an official announcement about the same. ” Misha Kapoor makes it impossible for daddy to go anywhere. Obsesseddaddylife,” he tweeted.

So it is official. They did finally decide to go with the name that fans have suggested

If you go by the Russian meaning of the name, Misha means ‘God Like’ which got to be special. In fact, word is that this name has also been on Shahid and Mira’s mind even before ‘Misha’s’ arrival.

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