Hair Yoga by Jawed Habib

The renowned international hair stylist talking to our beauty reporter Elizabeth Chowdhury

Does hair require different care after 40?                                                

Yes, hair after age of 40 needs more attention the same like skin and body. It’s the age of mature hair, when greying is started. Hair gets dry, weak at roots and thin at the ends. To help it all, you may consider keeping it short. Regular preconditioning and shampooing are important. Seek a professional advice for any chemical services. Mature hair is generally sensitive, treat it like that. Remember, that different hair needs different hair care.

Can colour highlighting be done at home?

Colour highlighting must only be done by professionals in a salon. This styling treatment requires professional products and techniques. Only a trained professional can do such treatments nicely and safely. Applying colour on grey hair is different from highlighting. Don’t buy products promising easy highlighting and good results at home, they are a waste of money. Any chemical treatments must only be done by professionals! So not everything is possible at home, take professional help for your hair.

Does your hair feel good after conditioning?

Conditioner works good only when it applied properly and, most importantly, if it is required. Most of people use conditioner without knowing if their hair actually needs it. Regular wrong use of conditioner gets dandruff and hair fall. Conditioner should only be used when hair is excessively dry, chemically damaged etc. In my opinion, a better option or substitute for conditioning is pre-conditioning, e.g. applying oil for 5 minutes daily before wash. It’s natural, less greasy and effective. So use products only when you know their actual need, or seek professional advice.

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