Amazing reasons why you should take carrot juice often

By Loise Wepukhulu Jr

The scientific name of this vegetable is Daucus carota; it is biennial and was originally grown for its seeds and leaves. The characteristic colour of carrot is produced by beta carotene and lesser amounts of alpha carotene. It also consists of lutein, zeaxanthin and gamma carotene. This vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin B6.

Carrots contain a high percentage of water; it contains proteins, dietary fiber, ash and fat. The zeaxanthin and luthin carotenoids contained in carrots are useful for good vision and eye health.

Carrots can be consumed in different ways; they are either eaten ordinarily or as salads. Some eat carrots as vegetables added to spicy rice or other meals. Similarly, carrot juice is obtained from carrots.

The best way one can enjoy carrot is by eating it raw; this way, you can benefit from all the nutrients and vitamins contained in it. You can blend carrots and make carrot juice from that.

Find below some of the health benefits of taking carrot juice:

  1. It improves immunity. Carrot juice contains concentrated amounts of essential nutrients. This healthy drink can boost your immunity and make you more healthy. It protects the body against free radical damage and also helps to protect it against harmful viruses, bacteria and inflammation. This nourishing juice contains vitamins and minerals that support bone health, improve brain power and strengthen the nervous system.
  2. It regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The juice gotten from carrots is useful in regulating the blood sugar and cholesterol levels because it contains potassium. This juice is low in calories and sugar; thus, it is considered to be highly beneficial to diabetic patients. Weight loss could also be achieved because carrot juice boosts the secretion of bile which helps in burning fat. It is a nutritional drink that should be taken from time to time.
  3. Helps make the skin glow. Taking carrot juice regularly would make your skin glow; the antioxidants and essential minerals contained in carrots prevent cell degradation. This helps to give the skin a healthy and glowing look. The nutrients contained in carrot juice also help reduce scars, spots and blemishes in addition to it preventing the skin from dryness. Carrot is one of the important ingredients used in beauty products because of its effect on the skin. This healthy juice will make you look younger and fresher.
  1. An excellent source of vitamin A. Carrots contain an appreciable amount of vitamin A which plays an important role in eye health. Taking carrot juice will improve your eyesight. Foods that are red in colour contains beta-carotene that is converted into vitamin A in the body.

Deficiency in vitamin A will lead to loss of sight or night blindness; carrot juice can also help to correct and prevent these eye defects. The health status of the consumer changes if vitamin A is taken in meals from time to time.

  1. Helps in preventing cancer. Free radicals accumulate in the body over time due to the deposition of waste particles in the body.

These free radicals tend to damage the cells; foods that are rich in antioxidants help to fight these radicals and the degenerative effect they may have on the body. Carrots contain vitamins A, C, and B6; these three vitamins help fight these free radicals.

  1. It improves the heart health. If you are keen on being healthy, you should take more carrot juice. Carrots contain antioxidants and dietary fibre that help remove plaques from the arteries as a way of maintaining blood flow and circulation. A healthy heart can be maintained by being physically active and getting the required hours of sleep daily. A glass of carrot juice will help keep your heart healthy.