Premature greying of hair

By Jawed Habib, International Hair stylist, exclusive

Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin, which gives your tresses their colour. When your body stops generating melanin, hair presents itself as grey, white, or silver.

Going grey, by itself, does not mean you have a medical problem, except in rare cases. Contrary to popular belief, stress has not been shown to cause grey hair. Scientists don’t know exactly why some people go grey early, but genes play a large role.

Greying can be also a result of a wrong hair care: wrong hair cosmetics and washing techniques. It is important to understand your hair type and then work on it accordingly. Different hair has different needs, hence taking professional advice is a good idea. One thing you can do on your own, is preconditioning and daily wash with a normal hair shampoo. Also, when you feel the need of a chemical styling treatment, go to a salon. These things cannot solve early greying but can help to prevent it. Start a healthy hair care regime now!

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