Victoria Justice’s beauty secrets

Victoria Justice

How to get that real-girl kind of way healthy looking skin? It’s a combination of great products and a strict cleansing and moisturizing regime.

So, what are her skin secrets?

Q: What’s your everyday makeup look? 

A: I try to keep it minimal when I’m not working. I use Revision Intellishade Tinted Moisturizer, Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer, Benefit Cosmetics Posietint as a cheek and lip stain (I love it for everyday use because it’s so sheer and gives such a healthy glow), Chanel Black Liquid Eyeliner and L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Mascara in Blackest Black.

Q: What’s your signature lip colour?

A: I love a good red. Some I wear are Revlon “Love That Red” and “Certainly Red”, Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in “Rougenie” and John Russo Beauty in “Stalker”.

Q: Bronzer or blush?

A: Blush for sure! I don’t want to be limited to just bronzer shades, and I feel blush can be made to look really natural. It also works great for tying in your lipstick when you’re more glammed up.

Q: What are your go-to hair products for everyday?

A: I try not to put much product in my hair, but I’ll use a pea-sized amount of HBI Moroccan Miracle. It’s great for shine and taming any fly-aways.

Q: What’s your best non-product related beauty tip?

A: I make my own toner with Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I take about 4-6 oz. of bottled water and put in one teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar in a small plastic bottle. I use it in the morning after cleansing my skin and then at night, after taking off all my makeup. I love it because it’s all natural. Then, I just moisturize and I’m done.

Q: Any current product obsessions?

A: Rosewater & Glycerin Spray by Heritage Store. It’s amazing! I love the scent and it helps to hydrate your skin. I spritz it on before I moisturize in the morning and at night. It also comes in a smaller size to stow in your bag, so you can mist throughout the day.

Q: What product do you think is underrated?

A: The Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment is so underrated. If I start to see a blemish, I put it on overnight and it helps to flatten it out. It also takes away the redness and diminishes the pimple so much faster. It’s my blemish-zapper-extraordinaire!

Q: What makeup do you wear to the gym, if any?

A: I put on Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Moisturizing Lip Balm. It has a nice slight reddish tint to it and feels great on your lips. I also put on the Posietint by Benefit on bare skin. It’s a stain, so it won’t sweat off.

Q: What’s your signature scent?  

A: I’ve been wearing Gourmand from Urban Outfitters in 401 “Fleur Monoï.” It’s really light and works on both skin and hair.

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