What the numbers reveal about your love life

Astro Yogi

Numerology is the science of numbers where you can try and understand human behaviour. This is done by calculating your psychic number. The psychic number rules your characteristics and personality whereas the life path number is where your destiny takes you.  How do you find your psychic number? It’s very simple; you just need to add your birthday. For example, if you were born on November 11, your psychic number will be 2 (1+1=2).

Interestingly, knowing your psychic number can help you find your zodiac compatibility. Remember, first impression is the last impression especially when going out on a date. Not only romance, knowing a person’s psychic number gives you an advantage in many areas of your life. Here, we focus on how to make your romantic life a success with the help of numerology.

Number 1. Individuals with the psychic number 1 are ruled by the Sun. You have a disciplined personality. Independent and strong headed but with an air of authority. However, you can be kind and helpful when you want to be.

You are most compatible with psychic numbers 2, 3 and 9.

You tend to have a dominating effect on Number 2 and they usually follow your footsteps. Number 3 can act like a guide to you in the form of a friend or teacher. They usually have a good impact on you and can help you to make wise decisions. Number 9 is very compatible with you and can be an ideal partner or a great friend. They bring you good vibes.

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