Gowda Saraswath Sabha UK celebrates Diwali in style


Gowda Saraswath Sabha UK (GSS UK) is a community organization and registered charity that brings together people from the Gowda Saraswat Bhramin (GSB) community living in the UK and actively raises funds for charity.

The organization was started in 1986 with the initiative and leadership of Dr. K. P. Sudhakar Rao, Mr. Sitaram Kamath, Dr. Vasudev Kamath and other visionaries, who felt the need to give this small community a platform of togetherness. Today, 30 years later, GSS UK has a strong membership and has even represented the Indian community in the UK for key events such as the Prime Minister of India’s visit to the UK.

GSS UK conducts several cultural, leisure and sports activities throughout the year. Their flagship event is the August Bank Holiday Weekend, when members get together at a different location each year to engage, explore, entertain and discuss important issues.

Another very important event is the Diwali function conducted in partnership with their sister organization Saraswat Samaj. Mr. Gautham Kamath, Secretary, GSS UK, says: “Our Diwali function is a grand affair all members look forward to. We just wrapped up another successful Diwali on November 12th, which was attended by approximately 300 people. Lots of planning goes into this event as we want to make it a memorable occasion for every attendee.”

A key objective for the Sabha is to identify and support humanitarian causes. Over the years, GSS UK has raised funds and supported several charities in the UK and India. This includes disaster relief, education, medical research runs and various other welfare purposes.

Dr. Vinod Gadiyar, Chairperson, GSS UK says: “We are a big family who celebrate the good times together and extend immense support in the bad times as well. In true community spirit, we are always there to encourage and uplift each other.”

For more information, visit www.gssuk.org. Facebook group: Gowda Saraswath Sabha, Twitter handle: @gsbukorg

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