Shoes with interchangeable heels

One of Mime et Moi’s heel options

By Jamie Feldman

There’s a battle that wages inside anyone wearing high heels on a dance floor. About halfway through the evening (if you’re lucky), continuing in your shoes seems unbearable. Do you suck it up and keep dancing until your feet bleed, or take them off and risk getting stepped on by another brave soul in stilettos?

German shoe retailer Mime et Moi may have just solved this problem completely, not to mention the issue of painful commutes in pumps. The company offers a range of women’s shoes in a bunch of different colorways that ? come with five different interchangeable heel options. There are high and medium stiletto heels, high and medium block heels, and a flat heel, too.

According to a video from Tech Insider UK, the different heels fit easily into a handbag, making them ideal for carting along on a commute, to a wedding, or pretty much anywhere else. Plus, they easily click in and out, meaning you’ll be back on that dance floor in no time.

Unfortunately, the shoes themselves are only available in Europe so far, but that won’t stop us from daydreaming about them until they hit this side of the pond ? or from finding a vacationing friend to bring us back a pair, which retail between about $190 and $220.

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