Where can you swim in wine?

A spa where you can swim in wine

By Laura Capon/ Prima

There’s nothing like a relaxing spa day. Lying on a bed of white towels, fully nude, as a stranger rubs your body and you try and pretend you’re fully relaxed, all set to a backdrop of pan pipe music. Spa days are great. But do you know what would make them even greater? Have discovered a spa in Japan where you can legit swim in Merlot…

Japan, the country that consistently produces novelty entertainment ideas beyond our wildest dreams, has totally trumped itself.  Or, The Yunessun Spa Resort has, to be specific. Touting itself as a ‘spa theme park’, the resort offers visitors a range of bathing options, that include but are not limited to: coffee, sake, green tea, red wine and… ramen noodles.


A big vat of purple alcohol or a giant bowl of slimy noodles…And we also have so many questions. Like firstly, and most importantly, can you actually drink the wine? And will you get drunk just by swimming in it? Will you get out looking like Violet Beauregarde? And are there dumplings in the noodles, or is it more of a miso/ vegetable situation? How do they stop people from just getting in and eating it?

So if you ever thought you needed some ‘vinotherapy’ now you know where to go. Japan.

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