Q&A: Dancer Lauren Gottlieb stars as lead lady in Indian rap star Badshah’s single ‘MERCY’

The internet went crazy as Indian rap star Badshah announced the release date of his single MERCY and revealed the charming Lauren Gottlieb as the lady in the video. Together they managed to create the magic. Sony Music has released their Q&A.

Q: Tell us about the song? When did you think of it? Badshah: 
Badshah: The song is called MERCY and I began writing this sometime last year. I did put it out to my fans earlier to get their feedback on what they thought of it.

Q: Why is it called MERCY?
Badshah: The song is about how a girl and a guy who meet at a club and from there on sparks fly and they fall for each other. I am basically asking the girl to have mercy on me as she is super gorgeous.

Q: Where has the song been shot?
Badshah: It’s been shot at London’s immensely popular 02 Arena and on a Boeing. The weather was just not conducive when we shot this which was sometime in December. I had this idea at the beginning when I was working on this song and when I had my first chat with Ben Peters (video director) he totally understood my vision. It was an amazing experience shooting there and I really hope my fans like it.

Q: This song is a total party track; did you create this keeping the same in mind?
Badshah: MERCY as a song is what you want it to be, it could be a party track that gets you to get up and dance, it could be a romantic song, the song that you sing to your girl or even a song for a long drive.

Q: Tell us about your album
Badshah: O.N.E. – Original Never Ends is an endeavor by me and my label to give my fans originals. It’s been long since I have released something on my own. My last was DJ Waley Babu, which is still getting played at clubs and parties and since then my fans have been consistently asking me for new music. O.N.E. is an intention to give them exactly that. I am where I am because of them and therefore I believe an entire album with my originals is my way of thanking them.

Q: How many songs will you release prior to releasing the album O.N.E.?
Badshah: There will be a second single mid-year and the album by the end of the year.

Q: What is the sound for the album O.N.E.?
Badshah: The sound has electronic influences and will have array of genres.

Q: How many songs will the album have?
Badshah: MERCY is the first in a series of songs and videos that we will be releasing throughout 2017. Prior to the album we will have 1 or 2 more while the album will have 6-8 songs.

Q: Will all the songs be party songs?
Badshah: No, it will have different genres. From party, love ballad to progressive and dance.

Q: Are we going to see any collaboration?
Badshah: There is a huge possibility but nothing has been finalized yet.

Q: Will any of these songs feature in Bollywood films?
Badshah: Why not, if any producer wants the sound, I will be happy to work along.

Q: Will you approach Dharma Productions with this song?
Badshah: (Laughs) Karan Johar has been extremely supportive and I would love to work with him.

Q: Your last release is with Sonkashi Sinha for the film Noor – out in cinemas on 21st April, will we see more such collaboration?
Badshah: Yes though I can’t talk about it much now but it will happen.

Q: Any Bollywood projects you are working on? 
Badshah: There are a few in the pipeline, God has been good, and my work is getting appreciated.

Q: How was it to work with Badshah?
Lauren Gottlieb: It was super fun and he is extremely professional with a great vision. When he approached me with the song, it was an instant yes from me. The vibe and general groove of the song is what I am hooked on to and I am sure fans worldwide would agree with me.

Q: What made you decide to do this video?
Lauren Gottlieb: If Badshah calls you for a song video, no one says no and the same holds true for me too. His original music is the best that we have in the industry and I personally love MERCY. With a new sound and the video, which is out of the world, MERCY is here to stay.

Q: The MERCY music video is first to shoot at London’s O2 Arena, how was your experience?
Lauren Gottlieb: It was awesome. I didn’t know till we reached there that MERCY is the first video ever to be shot in the prestigious O2 Arena in London. Our director Ben Peters and Badshah knew exactly what was needed and it was exhilarating to be on top. We have shot across three locales, on a Boeing hangar, O2 Arena and a Neon Lights Showroom. The shoot had to be done over multiple months as it was raining in London but after all the work, the final product is totally worth the wait.


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