For working mum’s homemade Dal’s is as simple as Heat & Stir

For most South Asian’s in the UK – dal is more than just a food item, it is that reminisce of the taste of home, the love and affection a mum put in her cooking and more than anything comfort food. Though it is a dish we all love, it can be time-consuming to cook from scratch, especially in today’s fast-paced world, where especially women are juggling various roles – from being a homemaker to a working professional.

Understanding their challenges and endeavoring to make their life simpler without compromising on taste – UK’s oldest spice brand Rajah launched the Rajah Heat & Stir Dal Range. Following the journey of four women from different backgrounds, exclusively for the readers of Weekly Tribune, we bring to you a series of four features on how Rajah Heat & Stir has made making that homely comforting dal easier.

Having moved to London a year ago from India, Kritika Arora found it tough juggling between household chores and her work. But no matter what the challenges, she ensured when she came home, her husband and eight-year-old son home-style healthy food.

Kritika said: “Juggling household duties with work sometimes takes a toll on you, and though there are times I have felt lazy to cook, just seeing the satisfaction on the faces of my husband and child after a home cooked meal is a great feeling.”

Usually, she would cook for the week on the weekends, but sometimes she does crave for a break from cooking. “I usually enjoy cooking, but at times it can be cumbersome and I do crave for a change. Though occasionally we eat out, I try to ensure most of the times we eat at home.”

For Kritika nutrition and quality food are of paramount importance, especially when it comes to her son. So, when she first spotted Rajah Heat & Stir it was the ‘1 in your five a day’. “Though hesitant at first, it was the nutrition factor which caught my attention. The fact that it had no artificial preservatives up front gave me the confidence to try out the product.”

She picked up the Dal Tadka to try on a rainy day when she didn’t feel like cooking and following that she decided to try the Dal Makhani as well. A simple cut, pour, heat, stir and serve routine gave her the same comfort factor as homemade dal and that too in just a few minutes. “I was really happy with the taste and my family loved it too. It’s like the perfect food for when I am lazy to cook and looking for a shortcut, which is Indian.”

Adding her own twist to the Rajah Heat & Stir Dals, she said: “I prefer to start off with making some steamed rice on the side and then heating the Dal Tadka in a pan. I then add a personal touch by pouring a tadka of ghee and cumin on top and garnishing it with some chopped coriander leaves. Another fabulous combination is to garnish the Dal Makhani with some finely chopped onions.”


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