TV Presenter Suzi Mann shares her secret shortcut

Suzi Mann


For most South Asian’s in the UK – dal is more than just a food item; it is that reminiscence of the taste of home, the love and affection a mum puts in her cooking and comfort. Though, it is a dish we all love, it can be time-consuming to cook from scratch, especially in today’s time, where women are juggling various roles – from being a homemaker to a working professional.

Understanding their challenges and endeavouring to make their life simpler without compromising on taste – UK’s oldest spice brand Rajah launched the Rajah Heat & Stir Dal Range. In the last of our series, we spoke to TV presenter Suzi Mann.

While we all know the glamourous Suzi Mann through her countdown show on the BBC Asian Network and her TV appearances, she is a woman who wears many hats – a radio presenter, television anchor, event emcee, an avid Arsenal supporter but more than anything a loving mother to a six-year-old. Being a single mother can be more challenging, especially when running in between shoot schedules, taking care of household chores and ensuring her son’s wellbeing. “My life revolves around my little one. While usually I am organised with my work schedule, there are those days when I need to drop everything to be with him.”

Suzi Mann with her son

One thing though that she is extremely particular about is food. “When it comes to the food in the house, even though he is just six-years-old, my little one is the main decider. He is a fussy eater and so it is important to make sure I cook something he likes.”

Her little ones two favourites – Chicken Curry and Dal are two things that are constantly made in her house and though she loves cooking sometimes “even I am guilty of picking up ready-made meals as a shortcut”.

“I do think I am a fairly good cook, but sometimes with shooting schedules and hosting events it gets very tiring and that’s when I start to look around for shortcuts.”

However, even when taking a shortcut, she takes great care in the meals she chooses – not only because her son is a fussy eater, but also because she wants to give him something healthy and without preservatives. “What would sway me though, would be a reputable brand and one that has just the right amount of spice, because I need to keep my little one’s taste buds in mind too.”

With a legacy that goes back to 1931, the name Rajah Spices was trustworthy enough for Suzi to try their Rajah Heat and Stir Dals. “The brand has a good reputation when it comes to spices and my son loves dal, which is why I gave it a try. Also, sometimes I get hesitant in picking up Indian readymade meals because either they put too many preservatives and make it way too spicy. But this one caught my attention. It is new, has a reputable name and vouched for being healthy, so I thought of giving it a try.”

Since Suzi’s son’s favourite food is dal and roti, the Rajah Heat and Stir Dal Tadka is just perfect and flavoured delicately with its 18 herbs and spices, making it the perfect shortcut for those busy days.

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