An award-winning Indian astrologer visits London this summer

Dr. Manju Sharma is a qualified and a renowned astrologer, palmist, numerologist, Vaastu specialist, Reiki and Aura Therapist. She holds a PhD in Astrology and Vaastu and specializes in offering solutions via handling Geopathic stress. She has also studied Maha Vaastu and Crystal Vaastu. She has successfully treated various health problem using Chakra balancing technique and Aura cleansing. With over 20 years’ experience, she has a large clientele who testify to the miraculous changes that have occurred after following her guidelines. Her satisfied clients include international celebrities, corporate professionals, sports personalities, and politicians. Dr. Manju Sharma and her daughter Payal Sharma are founders of Saarthi Astrology.

Dr Manju Sharma

The London Tribune recently had an opportunity to meet Dr. Manju Sharma and Payal Sharma and interview them. We will be running a series of our interactions with Dr. Sharma to help our readers benefit from her expertise in the field. Future articles and interactions will include Dr. Sharma’s insights into Geopathic stress solutions, Vaastu, Numerology and various aspects of astrology. She can be contacted via 0091 9315 446 697, 07770 153 045 or visit

Q: How would you describe Astrology?

Astrology is the study which reveals the impact of celestial combinations and their influence on every single matter of earth and universe. Taking an example, on a full moon day we see the high tides in sea water and the waves at their most height, now astrology explains that Moon is the regulator and influencer of water, thus on that day being at its full-strength Moon contribute the enough energy and strong attraction which creates the high tides. So likewise, the position of stars logically influences not only humans but every single component that exists in the universe. As we study science, all we should take initiative to start understanding the facts of astrology which definitely enable everyone to understand its strength. I stress the point that astrology is a science and its purpose is to help us manage ourselves better in different situations we go through life. A good astrologer acts like a lifelong guide and a coach.

Q: Does it mean that one can predict anything using Astrology?

Simply saying – as we can predict the forecasts of weather and some special events through the help of astronomy and its related branches, more powerful astrology described by the experts from 10,000 years to 15,000 years back from the Holy Scriptures which gives concrete facts to happen through the analysis of celestial combination. It does not work on estimates as it’s the position of universe regulating us and all around us which means the certainty to happen, but all we need a great research and perfect analysis and expertise on different variables which contribute towards the strength of an astrologer. From my experience of last 20 years – every single predicted event happened the same way as was predicted by me to all my clients. This comes from the fact that I see astrology as a science and I combine other aspects including numerology, palmistry and aura reading – there is also an element of being ‘gifted’ in all these.

Q: How can you help people using your expertise on Astrology?

It’s as simple as firstly knowing causes and then offering solutions to remedy and manage those causes. The skill lies in successfully identifying both. I remember on several occasions when some of my doctor and medical practitioner clients used to get astonished when I used to predict someone having reduced blood platelets, imbalance of progesterone hormone etc. and when they compared results from their mechanized devices they found exactly the same results. So, we should study and research dedicatedly, but most times people just seek the results and do not have time to study this great science – I am here to help and offer solutions to those who need a guidance and help. It’s with this intention I called our service as ‘saarthi’ astrology.

Payal Sharma

Q: What are the components of your approach?

I classify it in four main fields, which I combine to predict and offer solutions and remedies to challenging persons, professionals, and organizations.

Vedic Astrology: We require Time, date and place of birth and the predictions are made but the time and date should be accurate. Palmistry and Numerology also support to ensure predictions are accurate.

Vaastu and Maha Vaastu: Structure, shape, and design of the materialistic things as houses, offices, parks and commercial places influence the magnetic strength and geopathic stress of the earth so it deals with to balance to get optimal output eradicating all the negatives.

Aura Healing and Chakra Balancing: We all have energy positioned in seven Chakras, imbalance of them can cause the great disturbances in the day-to-day life, as an excess of one can lead to the negative of other. So, we must keep them balanced and we will be have cherished and well-balanced thoughts and lifestyle.

To be continued…

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