Kundali Bhagya: A parallel track to TV’s greatest love story Kumkum Bhagya

It all began on 15th April 2014 when viewers welcomed Abhi and Pragya into their lives with arms wide open. In a glorious 3 year run, Abhi-Pragya’s love story became the most watched and the highest rated television show. Viewers have loved their sizzling chemistry. Their extraordinary relationship keeps them glued week on week, year on year. The show is approaching 1,000 episodes but their saga of love is yet to unfold!
In the meanwhile, the multi-layered narrative of KumKum Bhagya and its underlying sub-plots bring forth stories told from different perspectives and varied lenses. A master of story-telling, producer Ekta Kapoor brings alive several characters – each of them real, unique and with a back story of their own. Their flaws, their quirks, individual traits, aspirations, and insecurities make them immensely relatable. With several characters, each with interesting stories of their own, waiting to be told, a new show is on the cards! Exploring a parallel universe that emerges from Television’s No. 1 show KumKum Bhagya, Zee TV, and Balaji Productions innovate and introduce ‘Kundali Bhagya’. This new primetime fiction series will narrate the story of Pragya’s two sisters, Preeta and Shrishti, and their relations with an affluent Punjabi family – the Luthras – whose elder son Rishabh Luthra’s celebrity management firm manages Abhi music career along with many other celebrities from different fields.
Shabbir Ahluwalia who is playing the role of rockstar Abhi says, ‘Viewers can look forward to Kundali Bhagya, an all new world emerges from the subplots of Kumkum Bhagya. Soon, viewers will meet the new family in Kundali Bhagya and get to know Karan and Rishabh. Let’s hope they welcome the boys just like they’ve fallen in love with Abhi. I’ll be a part of the new show too.

Kundali Bhagya premieres at 9:30 pm on 13th July and will air every Monday to Friday on Zee TV

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