Lord Shani in Hindu mythology

Aishwarya Dudha explores benefits of worshipping Shani Dev in removing troubles and grief from life.

Shani refers to planet Saturn and is one of the 9 heavenly objects known as Navagraha in Hindu astrology. In Hinduism, certain gods are feared but the people fear the most is Shani Dev. They say he brings bad luck and trouble. It is considered an ill-fated planet and all the other planets fail to give any positive results if Shani is in a bad position.

The origins of Lord Shani: Born to Surya Dev or Sun God people fear Shani Dev more than they fear his brother Yama, the God of death, as he is known to reward or punish one for his deeds during his life while Yama is said to judge sinners in their after-life.

The lord of bad luck: As per Hindu mythology when Shani was born, the sun went into an eclipse. They also say that the day Shanivar or Saturday is inauspicious for new beginnings. The lame and limp Shani was injured in a battle with his brother Yama during childhood. He is seen riding a chariot that’s pulled by a crow or vulture and he carries a bow and arrow. He has dark skin and wears black clothes.

When Shani is in close proximity of the Moon, it’s said to have started a reign of seven and a half years over the person’s birth chart, also known as Shani sade-sati. According to Vedic astrology, this period is considered a troublesome time in one’s life. This person may face a lot of challenges, may face failure, accidents, health, and money related problems. They also regard this period as a life-changing one.

According to Hindu astrology, Shani has earned the reputation of being the planet of grief and sadness, but this is not entirely true. Shani creates sade-sati to symbolize justice and righteousness, and to make people pay for their karma.

Shani is an indicator of misery, longevity, sorrow, old age, death, restriction, discipline, delay, responsibility, authority, humility, wisdom, integrity, and ambition. It is regarded as the planet of darkness, which governs the dark side of human nature.

But contrary to popular belief, Shani is more easily pleased that any other graha.  Because of his apparent strict behavior, he owns a bad reputation. But due to this strict nature, he is controlling future bad behavior and frees oneself from sin.

Hindus do the following remedies to get rid of Shani dosh:

  • Consider freeing a bird from his cage
  • Offer mustard oil to the lord
  • Wear powerful ornaments
  • Donate to the poor
  • Worship the Peepal tree (Ficus religiosa)
  • Do good deeds

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