Dada and Sadhu Vaswani Sangat celebrated birthday of the working chairperson, sister Krishna Kumari

Dada and Krishna Kumari
On occasion of the Working Chairperson Sister Krishna Kumari’s birthday, 9th May, Sadhu Vaswani Mission offices held a celebratory Satsang & Seva. Spiritual Head, Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani also graced and blessed the occasion. He spoke on the relentless and selfless service she has been rendering to the Sadhu Vaswani Mission from the age of three!
“She came as an angel and continues to be a star, a shining star. If there is something dear to her, it is Sadhu Vaswani and his words. So far as I am concerned, she has served as no one would serve another.”
Handing over the microphone to Krishna Kumari, to address the sangat present, Dada listened intently as she spoke. By now, many eyes were tear-touched… As she took to the microphone, she shared a beautiful story she read as she woke up to her birthday.
It was a story of a grandfather and a grandson who walked far away from their home. Stopping for a bit, when the grandfather declares to the grandson that he may feel lost, the child responds saying: ‘If you are there, I cannot be lost. You will take me home.’ Beautifully drawing a correlation, Sister Krishna sought the same reassurance from Dada. Without a moments delay, Dada responded saying: “You are already home.” He continued to elaborate on the meaning of the word H-O-M-E and how it portrayed her. He said, “He stands for humility and hospitality and Hari Nam Bolo, ‘O’ stands for O! The wonder! ‘M’ stands for Master. ‘E’ is est, which means ‘is’. What is tathastu is est in French. So be it!
The Satsang concluded with a Seva and small cake-cutting ceremony to mark the occasion, followed by a soulful Kirtan.

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