Federer: ‘London is totally different. You are immediately under pressure’

Roger Federer

Roger Federer played nine matches over two weeks between Basel and Paris, which may help his confidence and rhythm for the ATP Finals in London. “London is totally different because you play against top 10 players already at the start”, Federer warned.

“The good thing is that you play a match and have a day off, play a match and have a day off. But you want to start the tournament well and must play well under pressure immediately. You can’t find your way into the tournament gradually.

“But like I said I reached my goal here. I hoped that I could win 2-3 rounds here and I ended up playing 2 super matches plus the one today even though I lost. The walkover surely helped me save energy and still be so fit against Novak in the 3rd set. Now it’s important to rest well, to enjoy some peaceful time after a couple of intensive weeks and that’s why each day rest is very important now.”

Asked if losing both tie-breaks played in the semi-finals against Novak Djokovic may make his performance look worse, Federer replied: “No. The problem is that in tiebreaks things go extremely quickly. You don’t return well once or you don’t go well into a rally and you are down 3-1, 4-1 and suddenly have the knife at your throat. So, it goes very quickly fortunately or unfortunately depending on which side you are. But it was a good match.”

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