Chef Sanjeev Kapoor launched Wonderchef in the UK through a series of events

On 28th May, India’s most renowned celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor first interacted with customers at C&S Home Stores in Birmingham and then in the evening welcomed guests at a hotel in London with his expert cooking knowledge to introduce the brand-new appliance brand to press, bloggers and retailers in the UK.

Mr. Ravi Saxena, co-founder and MD, opened the evening telling the story of Wonderchef saying: “Chef Sanjeev and I travelled and loved food, however, when I stayed in various hotels across the world, I noticed that you don’t get great pans, neither non-stick nor high-quality die-cast. Our love for healthy cooking and tasty food triggered the launch of Wonderchef. After the launch of Wonderchef, we slowly became the number one Cookware brand in India. Wonderchef is about quality, innovation, and good value. Health, taste and convenience are our guiding principles.” 

After speaking on the history of the brand and customisation of products for the discerning consumer, chef Sanjeev Kapoor joked: “Thanks to Wonderchef, sale of my books have gone down because we are giving them out for free with the products!” He then carried on stating “It’s been a very rewarding journey and we are the fastest growing kitchenware company in India. People used to bring Cookware and Electrical Appliances from overseas and now they are taking our product overseas! It is great because we have over 500 products to suit most kitchen requirements and they are all very versatile. We are also in the stages of creating the world’s first IoT product connected to Alexa, defining innovation.” 

UK presents great opportunity for growth for Wonderchef with several South Asians here. Moreover, Wonderchef makes Indian cooking convenient and healthy, and will greatly appeal to the British mainstream audience where the Chicken Tikka Masala is the favourite dish of the country. 

Monisha Bharadwaj, an award-winning Indian food writer asked a question based on the best-seller, Nutri-pot which makes rice and chicken in minutes. “Is there any change in flavour when everything is put inside the cooker at the same time?” Chef Sanjeev replied: “When you are cooking in an open pot, you are losing flavour. When it’s closed and at high heat, you have trapped it all and enhanced and inevitably improved the flavour.

Sanjeev Kapoor and Mr. Ravi Saxena were invited to the House of Commons for The Indian Awards and to launch the Wonderchef brand in the UK. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor presented a Wonderchef NutriPot to Lord Patel of Bradford and launched the brand.

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