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Weekly Horoscope

21st – 27th May 2018

By Mr. Malik, Professional Astrologer and Mind Reader


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Aries: March 21 – April 20

Next week begins the greatest upheaval for social me-me-media we’ve ever seen. It may affect you from one through six degrees of separation, but you will feel it this week. The rapid growth in Instagram and Linked In and the launch of iPad 2 now looks like ancient history. This is a really good time to sit back, look back and think about how to promote yourself.

Gemstones: Red Coral or Yellow Sapphire!

Taurus:  April 21- May 20

This week is a real turning point. As you approach the weekend it could be useful to join the dots. Try to see that for all the chopping and changing, you have learned so much. You would not have been able to learn it any other way. Now that Uranus is moving out of your Twelfth House and Chiron is moving through, you are on course for much greater stability.

Gemstones: Natural Zircon or Emerald!

Gemini:  May 21 – June 20

With Mercury, your ruler, retrograde shadow for so many weeks, you have been through a rather frustrating time. Still, Mercury is now moving normally, and the Chiron/Uranus changeover is in motion. The long revolution is drawing to a close. In its place you will be asked to see what you can get away with. Never say never and certainly don’t say ‘impossible’.

Gemstones: Emerald or Peridot!

Cancer: June 21 – July 20

Your ruler the Moon has a bigger impact on you than the other 11 signs so when she moves through your success, ambition and achievement zone from Friday across the weekend, you will find yourself looking at what you need, and what you feel – not necessarily what logic says is right. If you are job-seeking, then the weekend newspaper advertisements may well hold an answer for you.

Gemstones: Pearl or Ruby!

Leo: July 21 – August 20

Mercury is out of shadow from May 3rd so there are no more delays, reversals or obstacles. You are about two weeks away from a completely new chapter in your career when you must bring all the skills you used with the web, in particular, over the last six or seven years – and transfer them to your profession, unpaid work or course. This means flexibility. An open mind.

Gemstones: Emerald or Ruby!

Virgo: 21 August – 20 September

Over the last six or seven years your big rejection note has resulted in a certain amount of rejection coming back the other way. Yet, out of all this churning, has come genuine freedom. Sure, you don’t have guarantees, but you are free to do what you want, when you want. This is a crucial week to remember what worked for you, in the past, and what did not work. A new experiment is here.

Gemstones: Yellow Sapphire or Ruby!

Libra: September 21 –  October 20

Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of the changes this week. In other cases, we are talking about your enemy, rival or opponent. This idea of ‘two’ and the duet or duel, is central to your choices this week. Diana moves into your opposite sign on Tuesday and she is a symbol of freedom and independence. Everything does need to be communicated very clearly.

Gemstones: Blue Sapphire or Fiery Opal!

Scorpio:  October 21 – November 20

One thing you will enjoy very much from May 15th, and again from 2019 onwards, is the new acceptance. That might still seem far off now, but it is coming. More to the point, you could get away with what others assume to be impossible or plain unacceptable. This week is a major part of that, with the key conversation, news or paperwork there soon.

Gemstones: Yellow Topaz or Red Coral!

Sagittarius: November 21 – December 20

Diana is an important asteroid in the modern astrology family tree, as she is the daughter of Jupiter and represents freedom, space, independence and autonomy. She is famous for having begged to be free of children and also marriage and she was granted her wish. Diana is now in your zone of lovers, babies, children and young people.

Gemstones: Ruby or Turquoise!

Capricorn: December 21 – January 20

You have found your own path and made your own way throughout the last six or seven years. Some of this has been instinct. Some of it has been a growing impatience with a particular way of pursuing home, family, belonging, flat mates, security, lifestyle – that just does not suit you. Now, the prospect of acceptance and ease is looking real. Ask every single question you need to ask.

Gemstones: Garnet, Tiger’s Eye!

Aquarius: January 21 – February 20

Now, you are at an historic turning point as the very last key conversation, news or paperwork for 2018 is coming this week. Having learned so much in the last six or seven years, despite all the knockbacks, you are on a roll. Not only will the constant unpredictability vanish (in stages) from May 15th, you will also find you are tempted to pull off something jaw-dropping.

Gemstones: Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli!

Pisces: February 21 – March 20

Your old way of handling money, property, business, banks and the rest must now seem very old indeed. From 2019 onwards, you will be far more certain, when it comes to your budget, company and the rest. The new challenge is to see what is actually possible. Adding that up and doing your sums is inevitable now but do look back at 2011-2017 and learn from it.

Gemstones: Aquamarine or Yellow Sapphire or Pearl!

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